Inspiration: Pina Bausch


One of those nights


names are very important because words are spells. some people say your name in a way that makes you feel like you are being shaped by the way their tongue moves, like you are being hugged and loved and coddled. other people make your name feel like a graveyard. do not trust ghostmakers. don’t let people mangle your bones

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I hate the dining hall. I’m ready to leave.

dream: theater

be good at it
be authentic

dream: solo dance piece (?)

sourcing the body solo, performed in a space devised by Alec
joy pain sex serenity anger sorrow compassion motivation

dream: dance piece

6 women
ritual performance art drama

so far: chloe rain clea (me) [oona when she gets back]

compose vocal music

spanning 2 terms

[take performance art and composing for the choir and projects? and contact improv and mandolin and advanced technique]

[instead of sourcing the body and jazz vocal improv and neuroscience]

Life is Precious™ | Comunilife

Field Work Term 2014-2015 dream: life is precious. Brooklyn, New York
Alongside interning at a dance company in exchange for dance classes
Authentic movement workshops